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About Selah Manufacturing

We are a family business in the rural Missouri Ozarks. We started this business to fulfill a life-long dream of supplying friends, neighbors and fellow citizens with reloading supplies. Reloading is one of my favorite hobbies, so I knew this business would be something I could put my heart into. My interest in shooting and reloading began at a young age and was fueled by my father-in-law who was a lifetime reloader and expert marksman. He reloaded by hand, squatting with friends around a pot of lead on a Coleman stove in the garage and gaining the assistance of his children to sort the brass, de-prime and size, set up the primers, run the lubers, and all other parts of the process. One of those children is now my wife.

About Our Products

Our bullets are made of premium hard cast lead alloy. We clean and process our brass and cast our lead bullets. All of our brass is tumble-polished and hand-sorted. We have brass in various stages of processing to meet your reloading needs. We know some of you like to buy brass ready for reloading and others prefer not to trust your sizing, trimming or de-priming to anyone but yourself. We count the casings by weight into bags and throw in a few extras for good measure.

Our goal...

...is to enable the people by supplying your needs to keep friends and fellow-citizens armed. If you need something we don’t have listed on the website, please contact us! We do not consider ourselves to be experts in the field of reloading, but we do hope to partner with you as we learn to adapt our methods and supplies to provide what you are looking for.