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9mm Luger 115gr RN TMJ Ammunition (Remanufactured)- 1000rds

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This 9mm Luger Ammunition is made right here at Selah Manufacturing. Straight Shot is our brand of ammunition. This is 1000 rounds that will come in 20 boxes with 50rds for your convenience.

Each round has a Total Metal Jacket which means complete copper encapsulation providing protection from lead exposure.
Modern high quality smokeless powders and non corrosive primers matched to give consistent ballistics and minimal smoke. Great choice for indoor ranges.
Mixed head stamped brass re-manufactured to new specifications with numerous quality checks and testing.

This ammunition is produced for firearms in good condition, originally chambered for this cartridge. We have used reasonable care in the manufacture of this ammunition, but make no warranty, express or implied. Since reloading practices are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for damage, injury or death that may result.

Keep out of reach of children
Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting
Check barrel for obstruction
Product may contain lead which may be harmful to your health
Do not shoot at hard surfaces or water, to prevent ricochet
Always keep ammunition dry
Store in a cool, dry place
Only use ammunition that exactly matches markings on your gun

Safety Rules
Watch your muzzle, keep gun pointed in a safe direction
If a gun fails to fire, keep it pointed in a safe direction, unload carefully avoiding exposure to breach
Treat every fun as if it were loaded and don't rely on the safety mechanism
Know your target and what is beyond it
Never load a gun until ready to use
Read firearm's instruction manual

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9mm Luger 115gr RN TMJ Ammunition (Remanufactured) 1000rds


Ammo Type Pistol
Brand Straight Shot
Caliber 9mm
Bullet Weight 115 Gr.
Bullet Style JHP


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